Purses & Bags

Household item cleaning

EZ Cleaners’ staff comprehends the fact that you invested a large sum in that peculiar handbag that you love so much. Wouldn’t you want to have your beautiful Prada purse looking like new for many years to come?

Our experts are masters in this procedure. They have the exact skills needed to fully identify the supreme handling by observing each tiny detail to perpetuate its unique manifestation.

We specialize in the most excellent cleaning procedures needed to keep your favorite handbag looking beautifully clean and maintain its original appearance. Our professional handbag specialists perform entirely by hand and have the experience and skill to handle your most expensive purse.

Purses & Bags

Our expert purse and handbag cleaning process includes individual stain removal, hand cleaning the inside lining, the outside surface, the straps if applicable, dye rejuvenation if needed, and steam finishing of each item.

You may bring your purse to one of our many locations or simply include it with your delivery cleaning order. Upon request we will provide you with a cost estimate prior to cleaning.

  • Designer bags & purses
  • Cleaning and restoration of leather & suede bags
  • Antique bags & purses

EZ Cleaners Bags & Purses