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EZ Cleaners first store

EZ Cleaners was established in 1999 with the first store in opening in Pasadena, CA. With the satisfaction we provided our customers with exceptional quality and customer service, the need to expand our reach became an important contribution to our community. Throughout the years we have expressed our appreciation for the generous way our community has supported us, and in return have and continue to contribute back by means of numerous donations to schools and charities.


Dry Cleaning
Dry Cleaning
Leather & Suede
Leather & Suede
Bags & Purses
Bags & Purses
Wedding Gowns
Wedding Gowns

EZ Cleaners is your reliable and easy to use dry cleaner, whether online or at one of our three stores in Southern California.  Providing all of your dry cleaning needs through the convenience of an easy to use online medium with hopes to make your daily schedule free of hassle.

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EZ Cleaners Team

Our number one goal at EZ Cleaners is to provide quality in both the items we clean as well as the interaction with our customers. Therefore, we accommodated an exceptionally professional spotter and a well-trained and dedicated staff of several years, who, everyday prioritize in satisfying our customers.



EZ Cleaners Award

Award Winning Dry-Cleaners

We appreciate the support and acknowledgement of our efforts by our local community and are further inspired to continue providing the up-most exceptional service and quality to our customers.


Eduard Karapetyan | The CEO/Founder

 Founder and CEO of EZ Cleaners, Eddie has the expertise and experience to ensure that all aspects of the operation are functioning to their fullest potential in order to provide the up-most quality and value for our clientele.

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Marianna Keshishyan | Customer Service

Marianna brings personality and character along with leadership skills from which our staff can model after.  Her experience and understanding of customer relations makes her an incredible asset to the EZ Cleaners Brand.

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Joey Keshishyan | Marketing Development

Joey makes sure that the medium between our services and our clients is designed and implemented efficiently.  His experience in marketing and business development ensures that the values and practices of EZ Cleaners can reach you!

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Karine | Expert Seamstress

 Karine brings over 30 years of experience in tayloring, and sewing, among other skill sets that empower EZ Cleaners to provide the quality and precision in every project.

Mariela Castellanos | Customer Service

Mariela’s knowledge and experience in both customer service and dry cleaning adds to the level of professionalism of our Services.

Flor Carrera | Customer Service

Flor has been with EZ Cleaners from the very first location in Pasadena. Here dedication and continued efforts help EZ Cleaners prosper with an edge on personal relations with our customer base.

Brenda Monterroso | Customer Service

 Brenda has an extensive background in customer care and support along with many other secretarial skill sets that help EZ Cleaners provide a variety of solutions in meeting our customer’s needs and requirements.

Rosie Briseno | Customer Service

Rosie is yet another member of the EZ Cleaners family. She adds tremendously to our ability to provide exceptional customer service by having knowledgeable staff such as herself.

Jose  | Expert Presser

Jose is a master at his craft. His extensive knowledge and experience with different materials and their reactions to certain processes ensures our ability to not only meet but surpass the expectations of our customers.

Rolando  | Expert Presser

Rolando also brings extensive knowledge and experience to EZ Cleaners further ensuring our ability to not only meet but surpass the expectations of our customers.

Vahe  | Pickup/Delivery Specialist

Vahe’s experience in various driving professions along with his spotless driving record makes him the perfect designated transporter of your valuable items. His familiarity with the local area will ensure you have your items just in time!

Zaven Karapetyan  | Stain Removal Specialist

Zaven brings extensive knowledge and experience with different materials and their reactions to a variety of stain removers ensuring that your clothes will be treated with the proper chemicals and methods.

Alicia  | Laundry Specialist

Alicia makes sure your clothes are washed thoroughly and fluffed and folded. Her attention to detail and care for each garment, shirt, or other clothing items ensures you receive your laundry looking, smelling, and feeling like new.

Sarkis Mushlyan  | Laundry Specialist

Sarkis has extensive knowledge and expertise in both the dry cleaning industry as well as a mechanical skill set that helps us maintain our equipment ensuring quality of output while maintaining environmentally conscious methods of cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our everyday Low prices do not have additional fee
No. Our service is available to you with no membership fee.
You choose the location for our courteous drives to service.
We provide you with out special E-Z Cleaners laundry bags as you need.
Your driver leaves one with you each time he/she picks up your clothes.
We will charge your credit card.
Contact E-Z Cleaners by telephone or email
On our first visit , our driver will leave you with an introductory E-Z Cleaners kit which will include among other things , your scheduled drop-off and pick-up days.
No. Our drivers do not accept tips and gratuities
Simply leave a detailed note in your bag for our E-Z Cleaners representative.