EZ Cleaners Laundry

EZ Cleaners specializes in French hand laundry which includes pre-treating all collars and cuffs. Our excellent cleaning ability consists of paying extreme attention to collar soil and prior to cleaning, treating all stains on each shirt in order for all your shirts to look magnificently clean.This also allows your shirts to maintain its new look after each cleaning.

EZ Cleaners Laundry

Laundry | Fluff & Fold

We offer various types of starch to better satisfy your needs, (i.e. no, light, medium, heavy and extra heavy starch). We pay attention to every small detail so please feel free to tell us if you have any special preferences like having an extremely soft shirt with no starch or having only extra starch on the collars and cuffs.

Our inspection specialists thoroughly check all the buttons on the shirts in order for you to never worry about a broken or missing button. All of our expertly finished shirts collars are supported by plastic collar supports to neatly lift the collar and prevent it from wrinkling. This supports the collar as best as possible.

We also provide each shirt with small clear plastic clips to keep the sleeves together and maintain their expertly pressed look.

Upon your request we also fold and box your shirts with the same board support, excluding the annoying pins, having them look as good as new like the day you purchased them. You will receive all your shirts extremely fresh and clean.