Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning by EZ Cleaners

EZ Cleaners provides extensive experience and capabilities in all the cleaning services. Our experienced professionals perform extensive stain removal and cleaning procedures to make sure you receive all your garments looking fresh and like new again.

Our inspection specialists personally inspect your garments to confirm that all of your specific preferences and instruction needs have been met.

EZ Cleaners Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Services

Our dry cleaning process consists of many services and procedures listed below:

Detailing: We carefully prepare each garment for cleaning by thoroughly identifying stains needed for treating, button protection or removal of fancy buttons, measuring for blocking if needed, and inspecting for damaged garments, loose seams or undone hems. .

Stain removal: This process is performed by our #1 experienced spotters using our finest stain removals. .

Cleaning: Our cleaning includes dry cleaning, hand cleaning, and wet cleaning. We offer customized procedures and only the purest solvents are used. .

Hand finished: Each garment is pressed by a different specialist according to its category. Silk and linens also receive the upmost special attention by our experienced specialists. .

EZ Cleaners Dry Cleaning

Minor repairs: We repair any loose hems or open seams, and replace or reinforce any buttons that are necessary. .

Inspection: Each garment is inspected by our specialists for any stains to guarantee you the finest look. Another inspection is also performed at order completion to assure the finest quality. .

Packaging: Each garment is securely packaged by our custom EZ Cleaners bags. We also provide custom packaging for dresses that you will receive on a bust form for an exquisite look, sweater bags for your favorite cashmere sweaters to prevent stretching of any kind, shoulder guards for jackets and suits to have a flawless look, necktie boards with its own necktie bag for the perfect ties, and upon request boxed shirts to further protect your garment.