Leather Cleaning

Leather & Suede Cleaning

Our leather and suede experts handle all of your garments with delicate care in order to maintain the softness it originally had. We all want our leather and suede garments’ appearance being as exquisite as possible. Because these garments are extremely delicate, we carefully nurture each garment with hand cleaning and a beautiful conditioned finish.

Leather Cleaning

The colors of the garments appear so good you would think you just purchased it. You will receive your leather and suede garments in our unique breathable non-woven material garments bags that are designed especially for leather and suede garments to keep out dust, mildew, and moths. We are competent to give you the most dynamite look to all your costly leather and suede garments.

  • Leather cleaning & refinishing
  • Suede cleaning and refinishing
  • Antique clothing & jackets
  • Leather shoes, bags and purses

EZ Cleaners linen cleaningEZ Cleaners linen cleaning